8 unknown facts of Carlos Valdes Bio | Net Worth as of 2023 | Body Measurements | Age | Height | Weight | Biceps

Carlos Valdes Net Worth
Carlos Valdes Net Worth

Carlos Valdes Bio: How much is Carlos Valdes net worth as of 2023? This question is asked to Google several times a month. To quench you thirst for the information, let me tell you, Carlos Valdes, a Colombian American actor mainly earned his wealth from movies, theater and brand endorsements. As of 2023, his net worth is approximately $1.5 million.

Carlos Valdes Bio
Carlos Valdes Bio – Valdes in ‘The Flash, Season 6’

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Carlos Valdes Bio – Career as of 2023

Valdes was born in Cali, Colombia, and relocated to Miami, Florida when he was five years old. At the age of twelve, he went back to Marietta, Georgia. He co-wrote the 2009 musical Me and My Dick with Darren Criss and other actors from StarKid Productions while studying at the University of Michigan. He also played bass for that show as well as A Very Potter Musical, and he was featured on the track “A Thousand and One Nights (Pop Version)” from Twisted’s end credits, which was included on the cover album Twisted: Twisted.

Valdes made his television debut in the American series Arrow in 2014, before going on to star in the spin-off series The Flash as Francisco “Cisco” Ramón, an engineering prodigy. Cisco, along with Dr. Harrison Wells and Dr. Caitlin Snow, is a member of the S.T.A.R. Labs team that assists Barry Allen with his superpowers. Ramon is subsequently found to possess metahuman abilities and adopts the moniker Vibe. Valdes also portrays Reverb, Ramon’s Earth-2 twin. Valdes played Pablo, a waiter, in Music Meister’s dreamworld in the third season episode “Duet.” Valdes went on to play Ramon’s Earth-19 doppelganger, Echo. After the seventh season, he will depart from the show.

Valdes was cast as Cisco Ramon in the animated web series Vixen in June 2015.

Carlos is also a good songwriter, musician, and recording artist. Carlos, who goes by the stage name Tha Los, self-released his EP “Night Off” in the fall of 2015.

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