Son in Law (1993)

Son in Law (1993)

Son in Law (1993) IMDB rating, cast & crews, director, writer, box-office, release date, awards & nominations

“Son in Law” is a 1993 comedy film directed by Steve Rash and starring Pauly Shore, Carla Gugino, Lane Smith, and Cindy Pickett. The film follows a naive college student named Rebecca (Gugino) who brings her unconventional and free-spirited friend Crawl (Shore) home to her family’s farm for Thanksgiving. As Crawl immerses himself in the farm life, he brings new energy and unexpected romance to the family, but not without stirring up some trouble along the way.

Overall, “Son in Law” is a lighthearted and enjoyable comedy that delivers plenty of laughs. Pauly Shore’s performance as the quirky and eccentric Crawl is energetic and entertaining, while Carla Gugino provides a solid anchor as the level-headed Rebecca. The supporting cast, including Lane Smith and Cindy Pickett as Rebecca’s parents, also deliver strong performances and help to round out the film.

The film’s plot may not be particularly original, but it’s executed well enough to keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout. The various hijinks and shenanigans that Crawl gets up to on the farm provide plenty of laughs, and the film also manages to deliver some heartwarming moments and a positive message about embracing individuality and breaking free from traditional expectations.

Overall, “Son in Law” is a fun and entertaining comedy that’s worth a watch, especially for fans of Pauly Shore’s unique brand of humor. While it may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it’s a great choice for a lighthearted movie night with friends or family.

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