Younger and Younger (1993)

Younger and Younger (1993)

Younger and Younger (1993) IMDB rating, cast & crews, director, writer, box-office, release date, awards & nominations

“Younger and Younger” is a fantasy comedy-drama film directed by Percy Adlon and released in 1993. The movie tells the story of Jonathan Younger, a charming and eccentric artist who lives in a house full of clocks and is surrounded by a variety of quirky characters. The film explores themes of love, loss, and the search for happiness and meaning in life.

Is Younger and Younger (1993) Worth Watching?

Critics were generally mixed in their reviews of “Younger and Younger.” Some praised the film’s quirky and imaginative storyline, as well as the performances of its talented cast. Others, however, found the movie to be overly sentimental and contrived.

One of the film’s strengths is its performances, particularly that of Donald Sutherland, who plays Jonathan Younger. Sutherland brings a whimsical charm to the role, and his interactions with the other characters are both heartfelt and entertaining. Also notable are the performances of Brendan Fraser, who plays Jonathan’s son Winston, and Lolita Davidovich, who plays the love interest of both Jonathan and Winston.

The film’s visuals and production design are also worthy of note. The clock-filled house in which Jonathan lives is a marvel of imaginative set design, and the film’s cinematography and special effects help to create a fantastical atmosphere that enhances the story’s whimsical and surreal elements.

Despite its strengths, some reviewers found fault with the film’s overall execution. The storyline, while imaginative, can be seen as overly sentimental and contrived, with some scenes coming across as forced and manipulative. Additionally, some viewers found the film’s pacing to be slow at times, which detracted from the overall enjoyment of the story.

In conclusion, “Younger and Younger” is a charming and quirky film that explores themes of love, loss, and the search for meaning in life. While not without its flaws, the film’s imaginative storyline, strong performances, and imaginative visuals make it an enjoyable and entertaining watch for fans of fantasy and comedy-drama.

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