Write For US on Celebrities, Movies and Entertainments
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Write For US on Celebrities, Movies and Entertainments


Write for us for a passive income. Yes, you heard it write. Passive Income! If you have passion for writing on various topics on entertainment niche and want to earn some extra bucks, you are at the right place. We always accept articles from our readers.

Why Would You Write for us?

  • We give you the platform to showcase your talent as an author. We publish your articles with your name and photo. This will help you getting recognition in the blogging community as a writer.
  • Your friends and acquaintances get to know your skill and earn you some extra respect from them.
  • You can have a successful career as a blogger by referring your articles on our website.
  • You can earn a hefty amount if your articles reach a maximum number of readers.

How Do We Monetise Your Content?

We monetise your content by Google AdSense advertisement. Hence we request you to stick to Google AdSense content policy strictly while writing an article for our website. We may also insert some affiliate links in your articles to monetise your content further. Eventually you’ll get 70% of the earning that your articles generate over time.

How Do We Pay You?

Once your articles accrue a sum of $25, we immediately disburse your amount through PayPal or Wire Transfer or Crypto Wallet. Whichever is your choice of getting the amount. We’ll share Google Analytics report of your earnings. We believe in 100% transparency.

What niches of articles we accept?

We accept articles on:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Movies
  3. Celebrities

Is There Any Guideline on Choosing the Title of an Article?

Yes, we do have a predefined format in titling an article. Below is an example:

Number Most Popular Topic – Ranked Based on Users Vote”. Few examples below:

  1. 50 Most Popular Mexican Actors in Hollywood – Ranked Based on Users Vote
  2. 10 Most Popular TV Shows in 90’s – Ranked Based on Users Vote

What Quality of Articles We Expect?

  1. Plagiarisation free. It has to be 100% unique. We even do not accept spun content.
  2. Read-worthy, informative and fun-to-read
  3. 1200 words to 2500 words long.
  4. Use images, feature image (Width: 1040px), info-graphics.
  5. Cite references for information and images. Use caption for images.
  6. Try to write in short paragraphs.

What We Consider as Bad Quality Content?

  1. Plagiarised
  2. Self promotion
  3. Product promotion
  4. Spun Content
  5. Grammatically incorrect
  6. Spelling mistakes
  7. Articles with more than two back-links per 1000 words.

What Articles We Do Not Accept at All?

  1. Gambling
  2. Casino
  3. Lottery
  4. CBD
  5. Wight Loss
  6. Earn Money
  7. Supplements
  8. Porn
  9. Fake information
  10. Defamatory and / or derogatory to certain person, race, religion, cast, creed

How to Pitch Articles?

You can send your articles to our email – ownergetaka@gmail.com or directly pitch your articles on the form below: